Friday, June 2, 2017

New Linear Servomotor actuator Solution for AMC1280USB

UPDATED with more information *2/28/2018

For those interested in using existing industrial grade Linear Servomotor actuators there has just been a breakthrough in the interfacing options. There is now a solution to interface to real servomotors and use their internal encoders for positioning, eliminating the need for external position sensors for position feedback to the AMC1280USB. The motors will slowly park themselves during power up, to calibrate the encoders and then move to ready position for motion output.

The linear servomotors on the photo below come with a 12-bit DAC that captures the encoder pulses and converts them to analog 0-5v output to easy interface them on the AMC1280USB as you would do to a potentiometer solution sensor. It involves a little automation for the encoders calibration, with a contactless limit switch for home position during power up, but after that its completely relying on the internal encoders for the position control.
See more explanation and details here:

These are made in South Korea and cost less than a normal AC motor with VFD and gearbox combo (rotary actuator not linear), and provide more thrust and load ability for much less footprint.

Some specs for those Linear Servomotor actuators are:

Ball Screw Pitch: 5mm or 10mm

Obviously you can choose a slower servomotor with more power for flight simulators that need slow speed but require more load ability for cockpit or screens, and faster motors for car racing simulation where there faster speed is needed with vibration feeling and usually the cockpits are light with use of VR visual systems.

For pricing or other information on these Linear Servomotor actuators, please contact Min Jang on his email 
(Not available any more...  See this updated post: )

See a video of those actuators in action below:

For inquiries about the AMC1280USB motion controller that can be used with these servomotors to deliver quality motion control for up to 6DOF platforms, please contact me on my email: tronicgr @ gmail . com


San Diego, California, June 2017

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