Friday, June 23, 2017

6DOF platforms Video Updates

Hi all,

Here is a sum of the videos of most recent 6DOF platform builds using AMC1280USB for the past year. I'll be adding more in future posts.


Sim Things

Motion Platform initial tuning

Gago Meisler - Markus

DIY 6DOF Motion Platform - DCS Huey - Oculus Rift

Trip Rodriguez

Quick and dirty 6DOF VR Motion sim in DCS World P-51D

P-51D Fighter ace in 25 minutes! (Against AI)

Motion VR racing demo- Video is Real Time

Trip's 6DOF motion sim nearly complete

Really rough demonstration of the travel on my motion sim

Mr Simulator

6DOF 13 Ply Motion Simulator - Talking about the Simulator - (Project Cars,Walkthrough)

6DOF 13 Ply Motion Platform - GoPro Sonoma Audi R8 V10

6DOF 13 Ply Motion Simulator (DIRT Rally)

Cristiano Lini

6DOF Sim Motion Platform IXab


6dof Platform Test 3

Craig Pitt - Seatimes

No Limits 2 - Motion Data Roll Pitch Fix

No Limits 2 - test of new Plug in for 360 degree roller coasters

No Limits 2 - 6DOF Motion Sim Real Test

Michael Hensen

simulator 1

Race sim take 2

Thanks for watching!

San Diego, 2017

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