Thursday, September 6, 2012

Firmware v1.2e

I just updated the firmware version to v1.2e.

I added two extra option in the menu that allows to use to change the limits in the end-points of the motion. This is applicable when using potentiometers for position feedback and its use is to protect the potentiometer axles from breaking by the motor if it reaches the end-limit in full speed. Sometimes there is not enough time to brake the motor and the overshooting may cause the potentiometer just break.

Firmware 1.2e

Here is some screenshots of the new options:

Also, from now on I will be using 18.432Mhz crystal on further developments as I found the overclocking a little too unstable in some cases. The calculations inside the code still run 1000 times per second so there is no loss there. Just smaller PWM frequency, from 21Khz to 18Khz.

Contact me to replace the ATmega644 chips with the correct bootloader for 18.432Mhz crystal, please.