Thursday, September 8, 2016

New Firmware Update for AMC1280USB


Here is the AMC1280USB Firmware version 2.1c:

Older 2.x firmware revisions can be found here:

Revision History (updated 9/8/2016)
-Added Individual PID values for all 6 motors.
-Added switch to merged single value for PID for all motors for legacy reasons.
-Added new mode for Analog signal (-11v,0,+11v) for Industrial Servomotor Drives (enabled with Jumper S1).
-Added NO limit switch for PWM mode for H-bridges that use only one DIR line (like Pololu's High Power H-bridge).
-Fixed other minor performance issues.

While installing the new firmware 2.1c you may receive a error message "Buffer overflow : [92944] > [65536]".

Look here about the setting in the AVRUBD to make it fit in the memory:

If you have any questions or suggestions or bugs to report, please write me here:


San Diego, California