Wednesday, May 7, 2014

737NG Simulator Project

Update 8/30/2015: Some news in the progress, scroll all the way down...

By Mike Sherick


This letter is in response to Ian's reply to me, but I thought it best to copy you Thanos, as I wanted to communicate the same information to you as well.  I truly thank you both for your emails and objective comments.  

I fully understand that it is difficult for to comment specifically on the "general information" that I provided.  This is especially challenging since I am not a mechanical engineer and I do not have formal knowledge concerning the proper use of engineering terms to describe things - something I mentioned to you on the phone when we talked.  You have been kind to reply, and I respect the general nature of your comments, considering the limited set and somewhat disjointed of information I have provided.

Given that the nature of tying to build a full-scale 737 Sim Motion Platform is in and of itself a huge project, I am sure that most folks would pass this kind of project by, and rather spend their time playing golf or reading a good book.  All that is fine, but that has never been my personal mode of dealing with interesting challenges - like building  full-motion platform, or building my full-scale 737 Sim, which is now flying nicely.  Many of the projects I have done over the years have all turned out to be good learning experiences, and quite rewarding.  I expect that the 6dof Motion Platform falls into this category.