Thursday, May 7, 2015

VRMotion Rocks

Fabian is developing now in 4 different categories, so his local peer has created a webpage to follow the different project separately.

Find more about Realtime Motion, Motion TV, Flyinside and Vection VR tests, 360 Video, all powered by the Thanos Board here:


San Diego, California, 2015

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

10 years since first DIY motion controller

Time goes fast. It seems like yesterday when I started experimenting with realtime motion control.

Some highlights:

2005: First experiments with motion software for realtime motion control of flight sim:

2006: Introduction of DC motor controller for 2DOF racing simulators:

2007: A better and faster version with h-bridge based on Atmel chips:

2012: Made an inproved USB version of the 2DOF controller:

2012 (later): Build the first 6DOF motion controller (AMC644USB). My blog contains details for how this unfolded.

2013: Build the AMC1280USB controller with universal support for all kind of motors. 

Next milestone? 

San Diego, California, 2015