Saturday, May 27, 2017

AMC1280USB Memorial Day weekend Sale - Three days only

Hi all,

As it happens in random times of the year I can do a surprise sale to offer the opportunity to much more people the essential motion control electronics to build the 6DOF platform of their dreams.
This year I decided for this extra sale as of the popularity increased and the controller offers more features combined than ever before.

The sale offer is for one Deluxe version AMC1280USB v2.1 with Front Panel PCB and 3D printed enclosure. Price is discounted  for three days only (27 - 28 - 29 May).

The lead time for the orders from this sale is 30 days for the first 10 pre-orders and 40-45 days for any orders after that limit. Shipping varies depending on destination, but its free for USA.

If you interested in this offer contact me on my email: tronicgr @ gmail . com    (without the spaces).

*EDIT: Thanks for the participation on this offer, if you missed it, you can still contact me, I can still do great discounts for DIY platforms. Show me what you are planning to do and we will work it out.


San Diego, California, May 2017

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