Thursday, September 25, 2014

Latest progress on 6DOF project - video showcase for car racing simulation - Using Thanos Motion controller

Here are some latest videos of working 6DOF platforms with car racing simulation using the AMC1280USB motion controller

Steven (with iRacing, Lotus 49, 5 speed):

Work in Progress DoctorD (Australia):

Display simulator for F1 Shop in Brazil (Leandro Tercette):

On Brazilian TV...

Iracing+6dof motion platform+RiftDK2

6DOF with MOOG linear actuators driven by AMC1280USB

Fabi  6 DOF @ SH (Switzerland):

360 view cockpit film to be used in replay on 6DOF motion simulator with Oculus Rift... | C-172 G1000 around the Matterhorn

Vicpopo (France):

Sebastien (France):

BFG10K (Yue Qi) (China):

California, 2014