Friday, October 27, 2017

New firmware release and kickstarter update


New stable firmware v2.4 update is now available:

-Added Max Motor speed control in Unidirectional output modes for 8-bit and 12-bit outputs. This means you can now control the max motor speed on Sabertooth that use 0-5v analog (with 2.5v center), or Servomotors that use -11v to +11v (with 0v center).
-The direction pins now are active when the PID takes control, so you can use them to enable motor drives that support that function (AC servomotor drives).
-Fixed PID issues (wrong assignment of values in calculations).

This firmware is one of the series of updates pending that will add more functions to the AMC1280USB controller. I'll be releasing new firmware updates adding one function at the time so we can verify each added feature does not undermining existing functions.

Update 11/14/2017
New revision:
-Fixed max motor speed for 12-bit outputs as it was missing

In other news, the kickstarter PCB's were received from manufacturing and currently undergo final assembly (connectors, LCDs, MCU, 3D print cases parts fit). This involves soldering and manual assembly by hand.

Testing of all controllers will be performed before they are shipped to ensure functionality and quality.

I hope the shipping of the kickstarter rewards will start very soon. Again I apologize for any delays but you will have to understand that is huge effort to manage such project involving a complete product (hardware and firmware).

Here is a video I took a few days ago after I verified the shipment of the PCB's for damages during transport:

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San Diego, 2017

Monday, September 11, 2017

AMC1280USB Deluxe Enclosure Colors

Hi all,

The following colors will be available, for the 3D printed enclosure for the AMC1280USB Deluxe to select from:

1. Black
2. Silver
3. Gray
4. Blue (Gray Blue)

Enclosure colors *Blue might be a little Gray-ish

The color of the buttons or the knob will be random but chosen to better fit each enclosure color.

Some cosmetic changes might be implemented on the cases on the front like additional outlines etc, but the basic color will be limited to one of the above. See following video:

Front panel outline example

Virtually any color will still look great, even transparent colors!

Transparent color enclosures

If you need different color enclosure contact me for availability.
tronicgr @ gmail .com  (without the spaces)


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Kickstarter update - PCB boards are in production!

Hi all,

The manufacturing order of the PCB's for the rewards for the Kickstarter was placed and are in production. All parts are shorted out now, and waiting to have all together for final assembly and testing before they are ready for shipping.

Said that, you can always contact me for ordering more of the new AMC1280USB controllers  and check for availability prices. I'll be making extra controllers along the kickstarter rewards but will be available for shipping after all kickstarter rewards are shipped first.

Contact email for orders and inquiries: tronicgr @ gmail .com    (without the spaces)


Saturday, August 5, 2017

Extending Pre-orders for Kickstarter rewards


I received numerous emails from people that either kickstarter could not process their credit cards or missed the kickstarter deadline but were still interested in the kickstarter offer.

I'll be giving the opportunity to get the almost the same low prices as in kickstarter for a few reward options. The prices will be a few dollars higher to accommodate for the paypal fees.

THIS OFFER is only valid for pre-orders THROUGHOUT AUGUST!!

You have two options to choose from:

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

AMC1280USB motion controller now on Kickstarter


After a long consideration, and given the demand for the motion controller I decided to move on to launch a Kickstarter Campaign for the new AMC1280USB motion controller.

The campaign will allow me to focus more in the firmware side of the project while I can outsource the hardware part of the controller. The Kickstarter edition of the AMC1280USB will be better and have easier placement of connectors (slightly redesigned). If there is lots of interest I might add a few more features that will be announced during the course of the campaign.

Friday, June 30, 2017

New Twitter account


I have setup a twitter account to quickly share information on upcoming events.

Please follow me to be up to date with announcements in the near future!


San Diego, California, June 2017

Friday, June 23, 2017

6DOF platforms Video Updates

Hi all,

Here is a sum of the videos of most recent 6DOF platform builds using AMC1280USB for the past year. I'll be adding more in future posts.


Sim Things

Motion Platform initial tuning

Gago Meisler - Markus

DIY 6DOF Motion Platform - DCS Huey - Oculus Rift

Trip Rodriguez

Quick and dirty 6DOF VR Motion sim in DCS World P-51D

P-51D Fighter ace in 25 minutes! (Against AI)

Motion VR racing demo- Video is Real Time

Trip's 6DOF motion sim nearly complete

Really rough demonstration of the travel on my motion sim

Mr Simulator

6DOF 13 Ply Motion Simulator - Talking about the Simulator - (Project Cars,Walkthrough)

6DOF 13 Ply Motion Platform - GoPro Sonoma Audi R8 V10

6DOF 13 Ply Motion Simulator (DIRT Rally)

Cristiano Lini

6DOF Sim Motion Platform IXab


6dof Platform Test 3

Craig Pitt - Seatimes

No Limits 2 - Motion Data Roll Pitch Fix

No Limits 2 - test of new Plug in for 360 degree roller coasters

No Limits 2 - 6DOF Motion Sim Real Test

Michael Hensen

simulator 1

Race sim take 2

Thanks for watching!

San Diego, 2017

Friday, June 2, 2017

New Linear Servomotor actuator Solution for AMC1280USB

UPDATED with more information *2/28/2018

For those interested in using existing industrial grade Linear Servomotor actuators there has just been a breakthrough in the interfacing options. There is now a solution to interface to real servomotors and use their internal encoders for positioning, eliminating the need for external position sensors for position feedback to the AMC1280USB. The motors will slowly park themselves during power up, to calibrate the encoders and then move to ready position for motion output.

The linear servomotors on the photo below come with a 12-bit DAC that captures the encoder pulses and converts them to analog 0-5v output to easy interface them on the AMC1280USB as you would do to a potentiometer solution sensor. It involves a little automation for the encoders calibration, with a contactless limit switch for home position during power up, but after that its completely relying on the internal encoders for the position control.
See more explanation and details here:

These are made in South Korea and cost less than a normal AC motor with VFD and gearbox combo (rotary actuator not linear), and provide more thrust and load ability for much less footprint.

Some specs for those Linear Servomotor actuators are:

Ball Screw Pitch: 5mm or 10mm

Obviously you can choose a slower servomotor with more power for flight simulators that need slow speed but require more load ability for cockpit or screens, and faster motors for car racing simulation where there faster speed is needed with vibration feeling and usually the cockpits are light with use of VR visual systems.

For pricing or other information on these Linear Servomotor actuators, please contact Min Jang on his email 
(Not available any more...  See this updated post: )

See a video of those actuators in action below:

For inquiries about the AMC1280USB motion controller that can be used with these servomotors to deliver quality motion control for up to 6DOF platforms, please contact me on my email: tronicgr @ gmail . com


San Diego, California, June 2017

Saturday, May 27, 2017

AMC1280USB Memorial Day weekend Sale - Three days only

Hi all,

As it happens in random times of the year I can do a surprise sale to offer the opportunity to much more people the essential motion control electronics to build the 6DOF platform of their dreams.
This year I decided for this extra sale as of the popularity increased and the controller offers more features combined than ever before.

The sale offer is for one Deluxe version AMC1280USB v2.1 with Front Panel PCB and 3D printed enclosure. Price is discounted  for three days only (27 - 28 - 29 May).

Saturday, April 1, 2017

AMC1280USB v2.1 in 3D printed case with front panel

It looks that there is more demand for the controller in a enclosure for easy mounting. So here are some media from a small batch of the AMC1280USB v2.1 controller in a 3D printed Computer Bay Case that is ready to ship. More are on the way to be completed soon. Sorry, the color you receive is random, I print with what color is available at the time but still looks great in any color combination, don't you agree?

See more below...

Sunday, March 12, 2017

New Miniservo 6DOF platform that is easy to replicate

UPDATED CONTENT... (June 2017)

I wanted to make a better mini 6DOF testing platform for checking the motion software output on my desk and I since I had 3D printer I though to make a 3D printed one. I started to design one but with my limited time was taking forever. Luckily I stumbled upon this design from EraseGray:

It's complicate print (took me 3 days to finish) but the result is great and accurate. I printed the base and platform with 0.3mm layer height as I didn't need much detail on them.

The actuators were build in 0.2mm height with supports for the rod part as I wanted it laying down flat to be strong and have less ripples on its surface.

What took almost two days to print was the ball joints! I printed them with 0.1mm layer height and very slow speed (20mm/s) to have smooth surface and have accurate dimensions so they will fit together without seizing. I had to print them one by one piece (not all in the same plate) as I didn't use any retraction for the extruder to have smooth surfaces and walls.

I used 9g servos with metal gears that I found on ebay very cheap ($14 for 4 of them) (search for "4x 9g MG90S Metal Gear Micro Servo High Speed " on ebay).

Using this chance I decided to also investigate the use of Micro Maestro servo controller from pololu that some have been purchasing instead of the Micro Mini servo controller. Turns out it can be used same way if you use an offset value for the servos to match the 8 servos that the Micro Mini servo controller has.

See the video for instructions how this is done:

Photos of the platform:


And settings for the Micro Maestro servo controller:


The best thing with the Micro Maestro servo controller is you can adjust the acceleration and speed settings of the servos, to simulate accurate the response of the Full Scale 6DOF platform. Just check the acceleration and speed data from the big motors and apply them on the model to see how it will move!


San Diego, California, March 2017