Friday, June 1, 2012

Firmware update!!

Thanks so much for the interest into this project. I received lots of emails about it.

As the AMC644USB project is evolving new firmware updates will be posted, with the latest pinned on the side of this page.

AMC644USB_Fimware_1.2 (1-Jun-2012)
The zip file contains both Analog feedback sensors and Digital quadrature encoders feedback firmwares.

And here is a guide for the update procedure:
New firmware update GUI README.pdf

Just to clarify that you cannot use this firmware to any other board except AMC644USB v2.2, as it needs the bootloader part that is installed by me to each of the boards. The firmware files are all protected by powerful AES512 encryption and the program it contains, is decrypted on microcontroller's memory each time it is booting. There is nothing that can be read back from the chip, in fact if you try to connect it to any classic AVR programmer the bootloader will erase itself and the board will render useless.

Any special requests or customization on the firmware you should contact me:

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