Sunday, June 24, 2012

AMC644USB Firmware 1.2d update

Here is a small video explaining the new changes / additions in the latest firmware 1.2d.

Some of the features now are:

1. Changed refresh of the LCD to only mandatory value changes and now doesn't leave any trails from other menu screens.

2. Added realtime change of PWM resolution between 9-bit and 10-bit (10-bit and 11-bit accordingly in bi-directional driving).

3. Added motor drive method selection that can be changed realtime:
 a. Bi-directional with digital controls (PWM=speed / D1=direction1 / D2=direction2).
 b. Uni-directional with combined direction control into signal (PWM: 0v=direction1 / 2.5v=center-stop / 5v=direction2)
 c. Scaled PWM output, from the 16-bit value (65535) into the PWM output  10-bit or 11-bit (1024 or 2048 accordingly) with no PID drive just for testing outputs range.

4. Realtime change between Quadrature encoders and analog potentiometers for position feedback with the flip of DIP switch2.

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