Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Firmware AMC644USB 6DOF 1.0c

New Firmware AMC644USB 6DOF 1.0c  (1/22/2013)

-Added software change of direction for digital contact-less position encoders with fixed direction.
For example (6127V1A360L.5 or 6127V1A180L.5). Now you can choose between all six sensors being:
 a. Positive (CW) for 1-2-3-4-5-6
 b. Positive (CW) for 1-3-5 and Negative (CCW) for 2-4-6
 c. Negative (CCW) for 1-3-5 and Positive (CW) for 2-4-6

-DIP2 switch defines the Serial speed on startup.
 a. DIP2 position ON defines 115200bps serial speed.
 b. DIP2 position OFF defines 230400bps serial speed.

The new firmware can be found in the dropbox file library of the AMC644USB project.

Here is a video explanation of the software change of direction for the contact-less position encoders:

Thanos, 2013

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