Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Using AMC644USB motion controller along other devices

Here is a video of AMC644USB connected to x-sim with 6DOF values, I used 3 axis for the acceleration of X,Y,Z and another 3 axis with the relative rotation speed of X,Y,Z.

Turns out to be 9DOF, if take in consideration the data for the Digital Dashboard (Speed,Gear,RPM), all devices working together with 1ms delay in the USO section of X-sim Profiler. The Digital Dashboard code had to be fixed to work with these high refresh speeds with custom serial speed 125kbps. Also added blinking for the dashboard lights for gear shift indicator.

The AMC644USB runs in 230kbps baud serial speed and 16-bit data for positioning.

Thanos, 2013

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