Friday, November 15, 2013

6DOF mini servo platform


I had support for RC servos since long time, but they were treated as real motors using external potentiometer for position feedback. I just finished the coding for direct use of RC servos, and applied it on my 6DOF mini platform.


.Manual testing of the platform on X-sim3 Thanos 6DOF motion plugin


X-sim3 motion software can be found here:

Quick test of 6DOF mini Servo platform with Ian's 6DOF BFF software

I didn't really change any dimensions in the config file except the "BIN2TH" mode and speed 250000 that is required for the AMC1280USB. It worked well despite the lack of accurate dimensions!!!!

Ian's 6DOF BFF motion software can be found here:

The firmware update v1.0g for the AMC1280USB is available now from the dropbox folder. The update except adding the new RC servo driving method, includes minor fixes for the PWM for driving DC motors.


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