Friday, July 26, 2013

Close up photos of the 6DOF platform and more

I re-visited the 6DOF platform case here in San Diego. I had to figure out why we keep observing
stepping in the motors motion. I turned out that the motors where connected as STAR instead of DELTA. That has impact on the amount of current the motor coils can deliver in position between the phases, where the waveform tops are not in max values, resulting in less force.

Cable colors and numbering may differ from motor to motor, so always consult the motor's datasheet for the proper DELTA type connections!

Photo of the Mains power (1phase 240v, USA SDGE)

In the following photos you can see the wiring of the VFD inverters:

Here are some photos of the connections for the AMC1280USB. 

The PSU in this photo is 24v powering the 6DOF ext board high level digital stage.

And finally some better view of the way the position sensors are connected and attached on the opposite side of each gearbox axle:

The x-sim3 6DOF plugin was setup correctly and being used for the next following videos. Some DOF info is missing or need to be enabled and verified for the game profiles used, but for the initial tests the results were good.

Thanos 2013

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