Thursday, May 16, 2013

6DOF software plugin for x-sim3 is under beta.

The 6DOF software plugin for x-sim3 is currently under beta version. See some captures from the interface:

(click on the photos to see them fullscreen)

Any volunteers for beta testing? (its not necessary to actually have the hardware or a 6DOF platform)

And here is a video of how easy is to setup the 6DOF plugin and how easy is to make it detect the hardware:




  1. Nice job, Thanos. Just terrific work!

    I'll be exciting to see more and more guys implement this into motion platforms and the resulting videos they upload :)

    1. Thanks Rod! See while others are trying to take apart what is left from the x-sim project, me and Sirnoname still trying to rebuild it to be the best and only real DIY motion software around. Copiers can try reproduce it but it will not be the same.

      And with help of many new x-simmers (real beta testers) with 6DOF hardware now that can be even more realistic! You can expect more than a dozen of these platforms to be ready soon and enjoy their videos :)

      Best Regards,

  2. It sounds like you don't need beta testers anymore, then? If you do, how can I help? Drop me an email, if you like.

    1. Anyone that is involved in this project automatically turns to a beta testers, because there are always things that are overseen or need to be improved. On x-sim software side for example, there is a need now to verify the YAW, SURGE, SWAY outputs from all existing game plugins and report their functionality back to Sirnoname so he can fix them to be all good for use in motion system that have more than 3DOF.

    2. Hello, I have a flight simulator boeing 737,I would put it on full motion
      sofware which I use to interface fsx??? BFF Motion Driver V2.6 ,or ???
      the question is?
      I would like to make the motion on three dof,of course, given the weight to
      handle I use three motoreducer 14t/mn 550w AC or,elical gearboxes yilmaz serie M,
      that driver or control card should I use AC for 3 dof of this size?
      I have a lot of confusion, so I would like some advice on:
      which motor to use (just enough power)
      such as software, everything you need to create the platform for my 737 simI
      hope he can help me thanks!