Saturday, December 22, 2012

AMC644USB 6DOF firmware menu system features


I just finished the coding for the user menu of the 6DOF addon and I made a short (?) video explaining its operation:

Or here stabilized version:

Available options on the menu system are:
1. How many DOF (degrees of freedom), 2DOF - 6DOF.
2. Resolution of data format from PC, 16-bit (65535 positions) or 8-bit (256 positions).
3. PID settings for all terms, P, I and D.
4. Max speed of the motors.
5. Min speed of the motors.
6. Limits of the feedback devices (potentiometers or hall effect)

Among others, depending on the DOF (number of motors) that are used and the resolution, it runs the position control algorithms from 1000 to 3600 times per second. I had to sacrifice some speed over safety and accuracy. But the fact that the speed is adjustable by how many motors are being used is more than great!

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