Friday, March 14, 2014

More of VFD inverter box 2 (Sew Eurodrive)

By Gilles (France)

Some updates on the wiring and a few videos of testing with AC motors. Expand the post to see...

He changed the wiring for Enable/Start for the inverters .Now he used instead each intern 24v inverters the psu 24 v to switch on all the inverters. Below some pics about all stuff and the last ones with electrical box powered ON

Switch On inverters



Output inverter connection to ac motor

Powered ON

Box powered on

Box powered on

differnetial breaker 16A/30mA 

More details here: 6dof motion simulator


First test of motor

Second test with motor and 6DOF plugin for x-sim.

Test with new plugin setup on gtr2

Thanks Gilles for the wonderful work!

More details here:
 (or here in French):

2014, California

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