Friday, November 18, 2016

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offer


It's this time of the year again and like every year there will be a chance to get the AMC1280USB motion controller in discounted price along with some extras.

For this year I elected to add to the offer free 3D printed stuff!!

This year's offer is $100 off the normal price of the controller plus 3D printed enclosure for the 6DOF ext board and the cool knob for easier navigation in the LCD menu of the controller, as seen on the photos above.

This offer is valid for orders from today (Nov 18) until Cyber Monday (Nov 28).

-The lead time for shipping these orders is 30-40 days.
-Shipping is free using USPS First class package only. (Sorry no express option for this).
-3D printed parts may be slightly different color from above shown on the photos.

To place order for this offer or inquiry, you can contact me at:
Tronicgr @ Gmail .com   (minus the spaces, which are used to deter bots) ,


EDIT: Some of the 3D printed parts are done already:

Update 1/20/2017*
The last batch of controllers will be shipped out in a few days. Thanks for the patience!

San Diego, CA,  2016

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