Saturday, January 3, 2015

Fabi's Thanos Board Configurator 1.0 beta

Hi all!

Happy New Year!! May 2015 bring you closer to the affordable DIY 6DOF of your dreams!

After close collaboration with Fabian, we have now available a working version of Auto-Tuning system for the PID values of the AMC1280USB !!

See more info about it here:

The Fabi's Thanos Board Configurator Utility is now version 1.0Beta
The AMC1280USB is now version 2.0

The procedure is not fully automated yet, its Semi-Automatic, but Fabian provides the proper tools for the user to interact with the procedure and do the Pu measurements needed for the Ziegler–Nichols method calculations. The user just needs to start the motion of the motors, and measure in the integrated oscilloscope, the peaks produced by the overshooting motors with a few clicks on them. The utility, does all the frequency calculations and provides all needed information, After successful calculation it even loads the values in the AMC1280USB controller with one click!

Watch the video that describes the procedure and the rest of the features of this tool:

Here are some screenshots of the utility:

Now you can do changes on the AMC1280USB parameters remotely from the PC as well, instead of have to reach for the LCD menu:

Thanos, 2015
San Diego, California, USA

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