Thursday, January 16, 2014

Richard's mini servo platform test video on rFactor

Update 6/17/2014

Happy New Year,

Richard A. shared his video of the mini platform he made for testing the 6DOF plugin for x-sim3 on rFactor (if I'm not wrong). The servos are driven by the miniservo driver that is connected on the AMC1280USB controller.

His real life platform will use Linear actuators and this will require a small change in the math part of the 6DOF plugin (under progress). Here is a preview of his prototype actuator:

I believe you can use any kind of motor for it, DC, BLDC, AC motor... Great job!



  1. this is the idea i have ..... i was stuck on how to do the position sensing when using a linear actuator

    1. You can either use a linear potentiometer (industrial type) to follow the actuator motion, or a 10-turn potentiometer with some gearing to ensure that your pot rotates within the limits of extension of the rod (tip measure how many turns your actuator needs to extent from low position to top position).


    2. Thanks for the info ...... Do you have Richards email so that i can ask him if he can give me the specs to this actuator??