Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Breaking the limits...

Just a small demonstration of my new firmware1.2 for the AMC. I totally rewrote the Serial communications in low level commands and I can achieve update rates up to 1000 times per seconds or 1000 changes in motor position per second!!

For testing the code I used my AVR644USB2.2 board that has some extra features missing from AMC1.6 design, but the main components are the same thus I could port the firmware to AMC1.6 easily (If someone eventually donates me a AMC1.6 board to do the beta tests!!!)

Anyway, I think I break down the serial speed limit for good this time! Anyone has a Pololu Jrk 12v12 running at these update rates?


  1. Beautiful this board may work very nice hook to a 240v sim which need a controller that output in 0to10v range. Top work mate

  2. Its still missing the +24V logic voltage for direction controls that needed from some AC drives, but they can be added externally easily by using a simple darlington array (ULN2308). I figured this out after I had the boards done already!