Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Open-hardware 4DOF servo controller solution

I know many SFX100 users are hesitant to get on the AMC-AASD15A controller way, therefore I devised a way to give them access to plans to build the 4DOF controller that matches their 100mm actuators for free.

I only provide plans (gerber files) and firmware for the device, and no support. Its totally DIY. This free controller has some limitations but still its plug and play, no need to setup anything, all settings are in the firmware. The only extra parameters needed in the AASD-15A drives are the following:
Pn24 = 100
Pn52 = 1
Pn60 = 2
Pn61 = 6

This is particular useful not only to try Simtools, but to also try the free FlyPT mover software (you can donate to the creator if you like):

For more information on the open-hardware-servo-controller head to Racedepartment thread here:

The limitations of the AMC-Open-Hardware-4DOF-Shield are:

  • 4DOF only
  • 80mm stroke
  • 45kHz pulse rate (max motor speed 2500RPM)
  • 800 times per second updates (3ms delay in Simtools or FlyPT).
  • No LCD for parameters adjustment
  • Only two manual move test buttons
  • Only e-stop that disables the servos

In contrast the AMC-AASD15A servo controller has:

  • Supports up to 7 servos (7DOF)
  • up to 2500mm stroke support
  • adjustable stroke, leadscrew, actuator type inline/foldback
  • Belt ratio calculation option
  • 200kHz pulse updates
  • 2000 times per second updates (latency as low as 1ms in Simtools)
  • Platform Check safety option
  • E-stop, Park/Standby, Force Offline buttons and switches
  • Remote parameters via PC software interface or Terminal.

San Diego, California
USA, 2019

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