Thursday, November 26, 2015

Time for Cyber Monday sale

This time of year came again, the turkey is in the oven, but soon after the Thanksgiving dinner everyone will be out looking for their favorite deals.

This year I prepared an early special limited version of the 2016 AMC1280USB controller that will be available only to those that place their orders from now up to Monday, NOV 30, 23:59 PST time.

As additional gift into the discount, I'll provide for free the 6DOF 1A DC motor shield along the controller. Details about this shield were provided in previous blog post.

Please contact me for discounted pricing and shipping at


California, USA, 2015

Video updates of 6DOF platforms using AMC1280USB motion controller

I'll post here some new video updates over the last month of the 6DOF platforms that AMC1280USB owners made available.

These home (and professional) projects are becoming more and more perfect! Thanks guys for sharing your progress!

 DoctorD (Australia):

Assetto corsa with 6dof simulator Power by X-SIM

6dof Platform Test 3

Leandro Tercette
Panoramica hexapod F1GP 2015


HEXPOD from hexpod on Vimeo.


California, USA. 2015

Friday, August 14, 2015

Bigger, better, stronger 6DOF platforms using AMC1280USB controller

Lately we see more and better DIY 6DOF platforms being build. The community is growing strong and the interest in 6DOF systems is bigger than ever. Its the only way to provide full immersion for motion simulation at the moment, that combined with other new technologies like the oculus rift or fully enclosed detailed cockpits can really make the difference. The times that desktop racers or flight enthusiasts were enjoying their simulation games or training for the real thing is past without return. Even older motion systems that provide 2DOF (seat movers) or 3DOF platforms are now the past, offering too little to the immersion of gaming.

Watch the new 6DOF systems in all their glory in the following videos (I'll be adding more the next days).

Leandro Tercette

Fabio Benedetti
Dynamic. simulator.italia


Mr Simulator

Fabi Reason Online
6 DOF @ SH


Ignacy (Just a Quick Preview for now)

More to come soon.

San Diego, California, USA. @2015

Friday, July 3, 2015

TimeLapse of building the AMC1280USB motion controller

Just to show how long it takes to make one of these controllers... Its all built and assembled by hand...
Total time to make one (including testing) 3-4 hours...


San Diego, California, 2015

Thursday, May 7, 2015

VRMotion Rocks

Fabian is developing now in 4 different categories, so his local peer has created a webpage to follow the different project separately.

Find more about Realtime Motion, Motion TV, Flyinside and Vection VR tests, 360 Video, all powered by the Thanos Board here:


San Diego, California, 2015

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

10 years since first DIY motion controller

Time goes fast. It seems like yesterday when I started experimenting with realtime motion control.

Some highlights:

2005: First experiments with motion software for realtime motion control of flight sim:

2006: Introduction of DC motor controller for 2DOF racing simulators:

2007: A better and faster version with h-bridge based on Atmel chips:

2012: Made an inproved USB version of the 2DOF controller:

2012 (later): Build the first 6DOF motion controller (AMC644USB). My blog contains details for how this unfolded.

2013: Build the AMC1280USB controller with universal support for all kind of motors. 

Next milestone? 

San Diego, California, 2015