Saturday, May 27, 2017

AMC1280USB Memorial Day weekend Sale - Three days only

Hi all,

As it happens in random times of the year I can do a surprise sale to offer the opportunity to much more people the essential motion control electronics to build the 6DOF platform of their dreams.
This year I decided for this extra sale as of the popularity increased and the controller offers more features combined than ever before.

The sale offer is for one Deluxe version AMC1280USB v2.1 with Front Panel PCB and 3D printed enclosure. Price is discounted to $339 for three days only (27 - 28 - 29 May).

The lead time for the orders from this sale is 30 days for the first 10 pre-orders and 40-45 days for any orders after that limit. Shipping varies depending on destination, but its free for USA.

If you interested in this offer contact me on my email: tronicgr @ gmail . com    (without the spaces).


San Diego, California, May 2017

Saturday, April 1, 2017

AMC1280USB v2.1 in 3D printed case with front panel

It looks that there is more demand for the controller in a enclosure for easy mounting. So here are some media from a small batch of the AMC1280USB v2.1 controller in a 3D printed Computer Bay Case that is ready to ship. More are on the way to be completed soon. Sorry, the color you receive is random, I print with what color is available at the time but still looks great in any color combination, don't you agree?

See more below...

Sunday, March 12, 2017

New Miniservo 6DOF platform that is easy to replicate

I wanted to make a better mini 6DOF testing platform for checking the motion software output on my desk and I since I had 3D printer I though to make a 3D printed one. I started to design one but with my limited time was taking forever. Luckily I stumbled upon this design from EraseGray:

It's complicate print (took me 3 days to finish) but the result is great and accurate. I printed the base and platform with 0.3mm layer height as I didn't need much detail on them.

The actuators were build in 0.2mm height with supports for the rod part as I wanted it laying down flat to be strong and have less ripples on its surface.

What took almost two days to print was the ball joints! I printed them with 0.1mm layer height and very slow speed (20mm/s) to have smooth surface and have accurate dimensions so they will fit together without seizing. I had to print them one by one piece (not all in the same plate) as I didn't use any retraction for the extruder to have smooth surfaces and walls.

I used 9g servos with metal gears that I found on ebay very cheap ($14 for 4 of them) (search for "4x 9g MG90S Metal Gear Micro Servo High Speed " on ebay).

Using this chance I decided to also investigate the use of Micro Maestro servo controller from pololu that some have been purchasing instead of the Micro Mini servo controller. Turns out it can be used same way if you use an offset value for the servos to match the 8 servos that the Micro Mini servo controller has.

See the video for instructions how this is done:


San Diego, California, March 2017

*will add some photos too soon

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Redesign of AMC1280USB motion controller boards

Hi everyone!

First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

For this new year I plan to have some changes on the controller PCB layouts that will allow easier manufacturing of it. Right now all parts are through hole that means every little part has to be placed and soldered by hand. Its a tedious task when you talk about quantities.

The new 2017 AMC1280USB controller boards are going to be bigger in size, as I decided to add a few new features, while retaining compatibility with other shields from last year (1A DC motor driver shield ).

The additional features are:

Friday, November 18, 2016

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offer


It's this time of the year again and like every year there will be a chance to get the AMC1280USB motion controller in discounted price along with some extras.

For this year I elected to add to the offer free 3D printed stuff!!

This year's offer is $100 off the normal price of the controller plus 3D printed enclosure for the 6DOF ext board and the cool knob for easier navigation in the LCD menu of the controller, as seen on the photos above.

This offer is valid for orders from today (Nov 18) until Cyber Monday (Nov 28).

-The lead time for shipping these orders is 30-40 days.
-Shipping is free using USPS First class package only. (Sorry no express option for this).
-3D printed parts may be slightly different color from above shown on the photos.

To place order for this offer or inquiry, you can contact me at:
Tronicgr @ Gmail .com   (minus the spaces, which are used to deter bots) ,


EDIT: Some of the 3D printed parts are done already:

Update 1/20/2017*
The last batch of controllers will be shipped out in a few days. Thanks for the patience!

San Diego, CA,  2016

Thursday, September 8, 2016

New Firmware Update for AMC1280USB


Here is the AMC1280USB Firmware version 2.1c:

Older 2.x firmware revisions can be found here:

Revision History (updated 9/8/2016)
-Added Individual PID values for all 6 motors.
-Added switch to merged single value for PID for all motors for legacy reasons.
-Added new mode for Analog signal (-11v,0,+11v) for Industrial Servomotor Drives (enabled with Jumper S1).
-Added NO limit switch for PWM mode for H-bridges that use only one DIR line (like Pololu's High Power H-bridge).
-Fixed other minor performance issues.

While installing the new firmware 2.1c you may receive a error message "Buffer overflow : [92944] > [65536]".

Look here about the setting in the AVRUBD to make it fit in the memory:

If you have any questions or suggestions or bugs to report, please write me here:


San Diego, California