Thursday, August 16, 2018

AMC1280USB Firmware v3.0 release


***9/21/2018***New Firmware Revision 2a link!


I finally release a new firmware that fixes a long evading issue with the motion data that on random times could get corrupt and make the motors "kick" a little bit. This major fix will require change of the transmission string ID as well, so for this version I added a new menu that allows the selection between the new ID method and the old ID method, for compatibility with older versions of motion software as well. This option is now under the "Serial ID Format" menu, and you can select between the new "FF FF" ID (Bytes 255,255) and the old "41 42" ID (Bytes 65,66 or Char A,B).

Please Do this firmware upgrade, as it will be required soon to be able to connect the AMC1280USB to any compatible Motion Software.

Below are the links to download the bootloader utility and the new firmware:

Firmware bootloader utility

AMC1280USB Firmware v3.0 rev2a):

See this video for instructions on how to update the firmware if you haven't done before, and to see in the end of the video where is the new ID option.

( or use the link to open in full screen: )

If you want to know a little more about the new communication protocol changes and why, keep reading...