Wednesday, July 5, 2017

AMC1280USB motion controller now on Kickstarter


After a long consideration, and given the demand for the motion controller I decided to move on to launch a Kickstarter Campaign for the new AMC1280USB motion controller.

The campaign will allow me to focus more in the firmware side of the project while I can outsource the hardware part of the controller. The Kickstarter edition of the AMC1280USB will be better and have easier placement of connectors (slightly redesigned). If there is lots of interest I might add a few more features that will be announced during the course of the campaign.

I offer great rewards for the backers, trying to keep everybody happy.

More explanation on the features and additions of the new 2017 AMC1280USB controller see here:

***Update August 3

The Kickstarter was fully funded and keeps climbing.

The 150% stretch goal was reached so I started making the Soft buttons and knobs (Ninjaflex) that will be used in the AMC1280USB Deluxe rewards.



San Diego, California, July 2017


  1. ola amigo eu tenho 3 display segmentos de Tamanho do dígito: 2,3" (5,8 cm);queria fazer um painel de velocimetro para o EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR 2 vc sabe onde eu consigo o codigo para o arduino R3 O VC CONSEGUE FAZER POR FAVOR ME AJUDA EU CONSEGUI REALIZAR ESSE SONHO DE FAZER ESSE PAINEL JUNTO COM CONTADOR DE MARCHA

  2. Sorry Helio, I cannot help you with dashboard for your simulator. You should have a look on xsimulator forum for that.